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W6WTG Internet Remote Base

What Is A Internet Remote Base

Work the world thru the IRB. Want to listen to Shortwave?
This all can be done while you are on the internet.

The W6WTG IRB is connected to the internet using a Kenwood TS2000X and W4MQ software.

Thru the Remote Base you can operate, based on your Class of ham license, on the following bands: HF (10, 12, 15,17 ,20 meters), 6 meters SSB, 2 meters FM, 440 FM mhz., 1.2 ghz SSB,  FM And now Satellite mode.


Cushcraft X-7

What a job!

Cushcraft X-7, and a Cushcraft VHF/UHF beam..........  on a 40 foot tubular tower form US Towers.
Beam is controlled by a HamIV rotor and a EA4TX controller. 

Satellite Antennas
M2 2 meter and 23cm satellite antenna with Gulf Alpha 440 antenna.


The TS2000X is controlled via serial port of the computer.
The audio is connected to the sound card.
The remote is using a static ISP
Current antennas as listed to the left.
Yaesu GS5500 rotor for the satellite.
Server HP Desktop

Wish list:

80/160 meter antenna