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W6WTG Internet Remote Base

International Space Station


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)
Region 1 2m uplink 145.200 MHz FM
Regions 2 & 3 2m uplink 144.490 MHz FM
Cross Band Repeat Uplink 437.800 MHz FM
Worldwide downlink (All modes) 145.800 MHz FM
Worlwide Packet uplink 145.990 MHz FM
US Voice Callsign NA1SS
Russian Voice Callsigns RS0ISS, RZ3DZR
UI Digipeater Callsign ARISS
Bulletin Board Callsign RS0ISS-11

Status:  Operational

The current Expedition 9 crew is:

Commnader Gennady Padalka, RN3DT
Flight Engineer Edward "Mike" Fincke, KE5AIT

The ISS system has sometimes been turned on to Cross Band Repeat mode. In this mode it functions as a Mode B-FM repeater. Amateurs in the US and elsewhere have reported using the repeater with home stations and handheld radios with great success. The crew is also able to use the radio to transmit even when the system is in this mode.

While the system is in cross band repeat mode the packet system is turned off and vice-versa.

The ISS daily crew schedule can be found at Remember that the crew operates on UTC time. Also, all of the time line is NOT translated from Russian and posted.

Current ARISS News is available at the ARISS page in this website. Additional information is available at:

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